Business Case Development – PFJ Maritime can offer a range of advisory services to develop business models for feasibility studies for product market entry. Based on a wealth of operational and commercial experience, PFJ Maritime’s input ensures a business model that can be developed to meet stakeholders’ requirements.

Feasibility Studies – PFJ Maritime can offer a range of advisory services to develop preliminary designs. Based on a wealth of service experience, PFJ Maritime’s input ensures a concept platform can be developed to meet both regulatory and operational requirements.

Design Development – PFJ Maritime can provide support to an owner or shipyard in developing a basic design and general arrangement based on a statement of requirements or outline specification.

Specification – From basic design parameters and stated requirements, PFJ Maritime is able to draw from a reference library and experience to help prepare tender specifications and drawings. PFJ Maritime can also review tender responses and draw up a shortlist of potential shipyards that meet an owner’s requirements in terms of price, delivery time and technical standards.

Contract Negotiation – Before an order is placed, PFJ Maritime is able to conduct a detailed technical assessment of shortlisted yards and assist the owner to resolve technical and commercial issues. PFJ Maritime can also offer assistance during the contract compilation and negotiations. Post contract, support can be provided to evaluate the impact of change orders.

Plan Approval – PFJ Maritime consultants are able to provide the owner with assistance during the plan approval process and equipment/vendor selection.

Project Management – PFJ Maritime can provide experienced individuals to undertake project management for strategic development, new build projects, refit/damage dockings and complex issue resolution. A customised package can be developed to ensure a bespoke solution for the owner.

Dry Dock Support, Surveys, Inspections and Dry Dock Support – PFJ Maritime can provide experienced surveyors to undertake inspections of new construction, damage or repairs. In addition, PFJ Maritime can provide an audit function to ensure third party work is undertaken to the correct standard with properly certified material.  

Accessibility – To ensure passenger vessels meet the latest guidelines and recommendations for disabled person’s accessibility, PFJ Maritime can review plans, undertake surveys and recommend modifications to meet the relevant standards.

Warranty – Based on the relevant construction reports, PFJ Maritime will provide the necessary support during the delivery protocol. PFJ Maritime can also assist the owner during the guarantee period for documenting and resolving warranty claims.

Converged Network Solutions – PFJ Maritime can provide clear direction and assistance with the design and selection of shipboard multi-system IT networks which deliver several legacy systems within one unified solution.

Energy Saving Solutions – PFJ Maritime consultants have been involved in many energy-saving projects over the past ten years within the cruise industry which enables us to offer a bespoke solution for your operation.

Expert Witness – PFJ Maritime support legal teams to provide factual reports and statements in litigation cases.

Business System Integration – PFJ Maritime can assist with integrating your business systems in order to provide a seamless solution for both shoreside and shipboard users.